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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Spiking the G8 and the 'global warming' hysteria.....

At last, I have found the time to write and to blog once again. My first full post-Canadian comment on G8 and the Gleneagles' climate declaration has now been kindly published by Sp!ked: 'Global warming: common sense prevails' (Sp!ked, July 14).

Long piece - apologies. Making up for temps perdu!

Philip, good to be back. I can now permit myself a nice cup of Earl Grey on this lovely summer's day. As we say in art films round here: "Hey down, merry down!"

Sunday, July 10, 2005

A return to sceptical landscapes.....

I'm just back from Canada (wonderful trip) and I shall be up-and-blogging regularly again soon. Thanks for your patience.

In the meantime, my mini-Series, 'Sceptical Landscapes', starts today on BBC Radio 4 (2.45 pm BST live and 'Listen Again'). It has been a pleasure getting out-and-about to make this little series and today's programme, set in the old mill towns of Oldham and Bolton, argues that there is just as much nature in our industrial cotton towns as in the surrounding countryside, on much-derided brownfield sites as in the over-lauded greenbelt. My producer is a wonder, and he has blended perfectly local interviews with my choice of appropriate music and poetry, some not as well-known as it deserves.

Do feel free to listen on line (the music alone is fun). I'm flattered that the programme is 'Choice of the Day' in various newspapers, but even more so that it is the Sunday 'Choice of the Day' on BBC Radio 4's own flagship site: 'Sceptical Landscapes' [top right, 'Listen Again'].

The following four programmes, to be broadcast one after the other on Sundays at 2.45 pm BST, will examine the local causes of flooding; sea-level rise... and fall; birds, climate change, and artificial habitats; and the fauna and flora of our once-great industrial waterways.

Philip, nice to be back in time to hear the first programme broadcast. But, I enjoyed the gophers and the bald eagles, especially at a remarkable wedding in Calgary. Here's hoping there's a stampede to listen to 'Sceptical Landscapes'. Cowboy hats all round. "Alberta steak for breakfast?"

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