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Sunday, May 07, 2006

New EnviroSpin Mini Poll.....Vote Now!

Here is the result of our last Mini Poll (just archived) on Mr. Blair and climate change:

Can Mr. Blair control climate change predictably?

Yes: 42 votes (3%);
No: 1548 votes (96%);
Don't know: 18 (1%).

Total votes cast: 1608.
Many thanks to all our readers who participated.

Well, EnviroSpin readers were pretty unanimous on Mr. Blair.

Now, for your democratic delectation, it is Mr. Cameron's turn as the new leader of the Conservative Party (and Neo-Huskyite) to save the world's glaciers.

Vote opposite [ 'Ask a husky' means you haven't a fog - neither have they.]

Many thanks once more.

Philip, off for a well-earned coffee. Democracy is thirsty work. "Mush! Mush! Boy!"

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